Game of balance - Fablab'ke and Microfolie from the MCCS in Molenbeek Saint Jean

Discover kinetic art! Build and manipulate balancing mechanisms of varying sizes. As the icing on the cake, you'll be part of a temporary collective work that incorporates augmented reality. 

·       Activity 1 - Educational introduction
This first area explains, through manipulable systems, the different forces at work in scales, cranes and levers. Works of art using these principles from the Micro-Folie collection are also on display.
FR / from 8 years old / running continuously (5 minutes) 

·       Activity 2 – Practical workshop
This second area, part creative workshop and part prototyping space, invites you to explore the art of balance through a challenge. A series of pieces are freely available (hardware, laser-cut pieces, feathers, ropes, 3D printed pieces...). You can take your creations home with you.
FR / from 8 years old / running continuously (10 minutes) 

·       Activity 3 – Collective installation
This final area features an installation that's visible to all. Composed of giant mechanics, machined in the Fablab, this collective sculpture is augmented, piece by piece by each participant. The movements of this object are visible through an augmented reality system that keeps a trace of each movement graphically.
FR / from 8 years old / running continuously (5 minutes)