Zero viruses, zero waste: creative answers to tomorrow's challenges - Bozar

Event 1 - Silencing the Virus (at Tour & Taxis)
A participative and interactive performance that plunges you into the heart of a virtual virus-infested beehive. To respond to the very rapid spread of a virus, you must move through space and find a solution to "silence the virus", which materialises as a sound disturbance in the visitor's headphones. The performance is the brainchild of English artist Lily Hunter Green, who has teamed up with violinist Tom Moore and computer engineer Karun Matharu.

FR-NL-EN / all ages/ max. 20 people / continuous (30 min.)

Event 2 - El Barrio Remix (at Bozar)
Discover another way to question your environment, one directly linked to your own actions as citizen-consumers, notably through your food waste. Designers show what new products can be created from this waste. Create small-scale, local and circular manufacturing processes that use waste as a resource.
Only on Saturday and Sunday at Bozar, 23 Rue Ravenstein, 1000 Brussels (booking required).

EN / all audiences / max 2 x 15 people / 2hr workshop