Cap Sciences Village - Cap Sciences

Cap Sciences

The Cap Sciences Village is an experimental recreational space, set up in the form of interactive stands, which takes visitors on a journey among the scientific disciplines. The village offers a wide range of educational activities designed to awaken young minds to the diversity of science.

  • Event 1 - Dry ice madness
    Foam and dry ice games: artificial smoke domes, mysterious droplets and the preparation of magic potions.
    > FR/6>12 years of age/max. 15 people/continuous (20 minutes)

  • Event 2 - The world of the infinitely small
    Dive into the fascinating world of the invisible with magnifying glasses and microscopes of varying power. Look at cross-sections and make connections between macroscopic and microscopic images.
    > FR/9>12 years of age/max. 15 people/continuous (20 minutes)

  • Event 3 - Dinosaur expedition
    Take part in a real-life palaeontology dig through a thrilling investigation riddled with scientific experiments.
    > FR/8>12 years of age/max. 15 people/continuous (20 minutes)

  • Event 4 - Croco du Labo & photobooth
    A mascot wanders around, accompanied by a mad scientist who puts on a show with his smoke-filled airzooka and impressive magic potions (weekends only). You can also dress up as mad scientists and take a break at the photobooth.
    > FR-NL-EN/all ages/continuous