Museum of Illusions Brussels

Museum of illusions

The Museum of Illusions is dedicated to optical illusions created by the human brain. With its frames and installations, it captures the spirit of the world of illusions in a real and tangible way. Your perceptions will be challenged by science alone! Discover the many ways in which your brain and eyes can play with reality.

  • Activity 1 - Create your own illusion
    Become a master of illusions and create your own optical illusion with the help of experts. You’ll learn everything there is to know about "Moving Images"!
    > FR-NL-EN / all ages / max. 20 people / continuous (45 minutes)
  • Activity 2 - Kaleidoscope & Swap Nose
    Two mirror installations that let you play with your reflection: one is an optical instrument that infinitely reflects outside light in full colour, while the other lets you see what you'd look like if you had a different nose, eyes or chin!
    > FR-NL-EN / all ages / continuous
  • Activity 3 - Collection of Optical Illusions 
    Explore the world of optical illusions through a collection of fascinating images that play tricks on your eyes and mind! 
    > FR-NL-EN / all ages / continuous
  • Activity 4 - Dilemma Games XXL & Game Competition
    Solve brainteasers, impossible knots and other educational puzzles that will get your brain working and your sense of logic going!
    > FR-NL-EN / all ages / continuous
  • Activity 5 - The Reverse Room 
    The Reverse Room is an optical illusion that makes you see the world from a totally different angle. Strike a pose and then turn the photo around to get the impression you're walking on the ceiling! 
    > FR-NL-EN / all ages / continuous