Scientastic at home & autonomous cars - Scientastic


Can you remember the shows at the former Scientastic centre at Bourse metro station? Well, Scientastic is coming to I Love Science with more than one trick up its scientific sleeve to give you a taste for science.

  • Event 1 - Scientastic at home!
    Experience 3 funny phenomena that you can easily reproduce at home to wow your friends: the corded telephone, the flying ball and the rocket. Little bonus: you take your corded telephone creations home with you!
    > FR/all ages/continuous (200 minutes)

  • Event 2 - Autonomous cars
    Autonomous cars have arrived in our lives. But how do they work? Have fun programming a little Thymio robotic car to follow a predefined route. There's nothing like experimentation to show you just how easy robotics can be!
    > FR-NL/all ages/continuous (15>60 minutes)
    > Friday – registration required
    > Weekend - 9:10 (FR), 10:10 (FR), 11:10 (NL), 12:10 (FR), 13:10 (FR), 14:10 (FR)