My Dream Theater - Tic Tac Lab asbl

Tic Tac Lab

Tic Tac Lab lets you create your own shadow theatre. The silhouettes are created using 2D drawing software and cut out using Clémentine, the laser cutter. Once you have built your shadow theatre, test it out in a dark, quiet, magical tent!

How does the activity unfold?

A.      Silhouette design
The presenter explains how to create silhouettes using 2D software. You can then choose a silhouette to cut out.

B.      Creation of the theatre structure
You build and decorate your own shadow theatre.

C.       Cutting silhouettes with the laser cutter
 The silhouettes are cut from black card using a laser cutter.

D.      Testing shadow play in the magic tent

> FR-NL-EN/4+/45 minutes
> Friday (school day) – registration required - 10.00, 11.30, 13.30, 14.45
> Weekend - continuous