Getting stronger with legumes - Erasmus Brussels (nutrition and dietetics training)

Erasmushogeschool Brussel

What are legumes? What do they do for our bodies? How do they improve sporting performance?  Discover this protein source and its benefits for muscle mass as well as its many different uses through the food 3D printer.

  • Event 1 - Measure your muscle mass
    Measure your body fat and muscle mass with bioelectrical impedance analysis.
    > NL/10+/5 minutes/continuous
  • Event 2 - Measure your strength
    Tighten a dynamometer to measure your muscle power.
    > NL/5+/5 minutes/continuous
  • Event 3 - 3D food printer demonstration
    3D print little figures from legume paste.
    > NL/all ages/6>12 minutes/continuous
  • Event 4 - Teaching materials
    Find out more about pulses at our stand.
    > NL/all ages/continuous