Brussels has its head in the stars -

Daily Sciences

Take part in public debates with Belgian space experts. invites you to come and listen to them and discuss meteorites, the Ariane rocket, the planet Mars, satellites and even smartphones... You'll discover how space exploration is everywhere in Brussels and beyond, and that it's not just about future astronauts!

On the programme:

  • Friday – 12:15 - Space rocks are all around us! (School audience - booking required - FR)
  • Saturday – 11:00 - (Heart) monitoring for astronauts in your pocket!  (FR)
  • Saturday – 13:00 - Mission Mars! Does the Red Planet have a core? (FR) 
  • Saturday – 15:00 - What pilots the Ariane rocket? Brussels technology! (FR + EN) 
  • Sunday – 11:00 - Earth, a closely monitored planet. 
  • Sunday – 13:00 - Space software, the ultimate computer game? (FR)
  • Sunday – 15:00 - How do we observe the Earth? And for whom? What does it show us? We talk to a specialist from Brussels-based SpaceTec.  (FR-NL-EN)

>> Wednesday 18/10 – 13:00 - No chips in space! So, what do astronauts eat?
As an extension to the I Love Science Festival, also invites you to join us on Wednesday 18/10 (13:00) at Patatak (Saint-Gilles). After the conference, enjoy Patatak's delicious French fries.

> All ages (30 minutes)