Dates and opening hours

  • Friday 13 October 2023, from 9am to 4pm (School Day)

  • Saturday 14 October 2023, from 10am to 6pm  

  • Sunday 15 October 2023, from 10am to 6pm  


Tour & Taxis, SHEDS 1 and 2 - Avenue du Port 86c, B-1000 Brussels (entrance between shed 2 and Entrepôt Royal) and Rue Picard 3, B-1000 Brussels.


Admission to the festival 

  • Free festival accessible to everyone.

  • No pre-registration on weekends.   

How to get there 
  • By public transport  

    Bus: 14 - 20 - 57 - 86 - 88 (Tour & Taxis stop)
    Metro:  2 - 6 (Yser stop)  

  • By bike 

    Free secured underground bike park organised by on Tour & Taxis near the Shed 4,  on Place de la Musique. From 9am till 4.30pm on Friday and from 10am till 6.30pm on Saturday and Friday.

    How does it work ? Park your bike for free and receive a code by text message that you can use at the exit when you pick up your bike.

  • By car  

    The Tour & Taxis site has two underground car parks, accessible via  avenue du Port (Drève Anna Boch) or 13 rue Picard.

View the day parking rates here.